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Archive FP6

About FP6

Framework Programme – FP is the main instrument for funding research in Europe. It is the frame for the EU activities in the field of science, research and innovation.

Proposed by the European Commission, Framework Programmes are adopted by the EU Council and European Parliament. Each FP is for the period of 5 years with the overlapping of the last year of the previous and first year of the new programme. The first FP was launched in 1984. Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development – FP6 started with its adoption on 3 June, 2002. It is fully operational since 1 January 2003, and will last until 2006.

Based on the Treaty establishing the European Union, Framework Programme has to serve two main stra-tegic objectives: strengthening the scientific and technological basis of industry and encourage its international competitiveness while promoting research activities in support of other EU policies.

These strategic objectives are achieved through creation of the European Research Area - ERA, European internal market for research and knowledge, which would contribute to more effective use of existing scientific capacities and efforts put in research and development in Europe.

To support scientific research and demonstration activities FP6 budget is earmarked with 17.5 billion euro. Projects that are to be considered for support from the FP6 funds have to present the collaboration of three or more participants (have to be trans-national) and have to fulfil criteria as set by the calls for proposals.

FP is opened to all legal entities established under national, international, or EU laws. In practical terms, this usually means research groups from universities or research institutes, companies streaming towards innovation, small or medium enterprises, public administration (dealing with research policies or public research management).

Physical entities can also participate in FP6, if applying for fellowships or training.

FP6 Structure

In order to achieve FP 6 goals, and to contribute to creation of European Research Area, Sixth Framework Programme is structured around three major headings:

- Focussing and integration community research
- Structuring European Research Area
- Strengthening the foundation of ER

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Participation rules

The rules of participation are decided by the European Parliament and the Council in co-decision. These are the rules that govern the practical implementation of all EU research activities under Framework Programmes. The Rules set out detailed guidelines in relation to issues such as:

- the type and country of origin of organisations that may apply for EU funding;
- the minimum number of partners that need to be involved in a project proposal, for the project to be eligible for EU support application;
- the type of instruments that will be used in FP;
- the type of funding that might be foreseen for certain activities;
- principles for the evaluation and selection of submitted project proposals;
- rules governing the contracts that the Commission will offer to successful applicants;
- rules for dissemination and use of research results.

Different rules for participation and funding apply to different group of countries. In FP6 there are 5 different groups of countries and a category of international organisations (FAO, WHO, CERN, etc.):

- EU Member States
- Associated Candidate Countries
- Associated States, with or without Science and Technology Agreement signed
- Third Countries
- Others.

EU member states and associated countries can participate without any restrictions, while other groups of countries face certain restrictions. These restrictions are mostly in the terms of possibility of funding, whereas the possibility of participation in FP6, without funding, is almost unrestricted.

The list of countries and groups is integral part of the "Rules of Participation" for FP6 and can be found at official web site of CORDIS.


Community Research and Development Information System is EU information service for research and development. It contains databases and other contents on scientific and technological programmes of EU. Notifications that are posted on CORDIS site help potential applicants to participate in programmes, to find a partner for scientific cooperation, give information on fellowships, provide answers to questions on intellectual property rights, inform on scientific research results, etc.
Detailed information on participation of "third countries" in FP6 can be found at CORDIS. Possibilities and conditions for participation of certain groups are also specified and published in every call for proposal.

FP6 Instruments

In order to participate in FP6, researchers, and other potential applicants also have to adopt the instruments of FP6. Instruments are the types of projects and activities implemented in FP6. They specify how the work is to be organised and funded.

Not all instruments apply across the whole programme. Detailed information about FP6 instruments and a summary of their applicability can be found at this page.

FP6 instruments are the following:

Networks of Excellence, NoE
Multi-partner projects aimed at strengthening excellence on a research topic by networking the critical mass of resources and expertise. This expertise will be networked around a joint programme of activities aimed primarily at creating a progressive and lasting integration of the research activities of the network partners, while, at the same time advancing knowledge on the topic.

Integrated Projects, IPs
Multi-partner projects to support objective-driven research, where the primary deliverable is knowledge for new products, processes, services etc. They should bring together a critical mass of resources to reach ambitious goals aimed either at increasing Europe's competitiveness or at addressing major societal needs.

Programmes implemented jointly by several Member States - "Article 169"
This instrument requires co-operation at the level of national governments. It aims at integrating whole national or regional programmes on a particular topic by their joint implementation.

Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Projects, STREP
Multi-partner research, demonstration or innovation projects. Their purpose is to support research, technological development and demonstration or innovation activities of a more limited scope and ambition, particularly for smaller research actors and participants from candidate countries.

Coordination Actions, CA
To promote and support the networking and coordination of research and innovation activities. They will cover the definition, organisation and management of joint or common initiatives as well organisation of conferences, meetings, the performance of studies, exchanges of personnel, the exchange and dissemination of good practices, setting up common information systems and expert groups.

Specific Support Action, SSA
Single or multi-partner activities. Intended to complement the implementation of FP6 and may be used to help in preparations for future Community research policy activities. Within the priority themes, they will support conferences, seminars, studies and analyses, working groups and expert groups, operational support and dissemination, information and communication activities, or a combination of these.

Specific Research Projects for SMEs
Divided into Co-operative research projects (CRAFT) and Collective research projects. CRAFT are undertaken for the benefit of a number of SMEs from different countries on common specific problems. Collective research projects are carried out on behalf of industrial associations or industry groupings in sectors where SMEs are prominent.

Specific Actions to promote research infrastructure
To support the integrated provision of infrastructure related services to the research community at European level, inducing a long-term integrating effect on the way research infrastructures operate, evolve and interact with each other and with their users, thus contributing to develop the European Research Area.

Marie Curie Actions on Mobility, Training and Excellence Recognition
These actions provide a variety of possibilities for individual researchers in different stages of their career as well as for institutions acting as a host for fellows.

BiH in FP6

Bosnia and Herzegovina falls under the category of "third countries", without signed Science and Technology Agreement. Entities from BiH can participate in FP6, with the possibility of funding, under the category INCO - International Cooperation, within the heading "Specific Activities", as well as in the activities of seven Thematic Priorities, but in the frame of the budget reserved for cooperation with third countries within the thematic priorities. Also, as a third country, BiH can participate in the Human Resources and Mobility Programme (Marie Curie Activities) within the specific programme "Structuring the European Research Area".

INCO & Marie Curie Fellowships

International scientific cooperation represents an important dimension of the Sixth Framework Programme. As a contribution to opening the European Research Area, it will be implemented in the Sixth Framework Programme through three major routes:

- The opening of "Focusing and Integrating Community Research" to third country organisations with substantial funding (participation under heading 7 Thematic Priorities)
- Specific measures in support of international co-operation (INCO)
- International activities under the heading of Human Resources and Mobility (Marie Curie Activities)


INCO - International Cooperation is one of the activities under the heading "Specific activities covering a wider field of research", specifically aimed at cooperation with certain groups of third countries:

- Developing countries (Africa, Caribbean, Asian countries, South America)
- Mediterranean Partner Countries (Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia),
- Russia and the other new independent states (NIS - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)
- Western Balkan Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro)

Research priorities for INCO countries are different according to the groups. Specific Measures in Support of International Cooperation for Western Balkan countries (INCO-WBC) more particularly cover the field of environment and energy, and health.

For detailed information about countries list, participation and funding please check at:

Requests for information can be sent to:

Marie Curie Activities

The Sixth Framework Programme's specific programme Structuring the European Research Area aims at successful creation of European research area where research potentials - equipment and existing knowledge, as well as human resources, would be used as effective as possible.

Human Resources and Mobility (HRM) activity within this specific programme has a budget of €1,580 billion.

It is largely based on the financing of training and mobility activities for researchers. These activities, known as the Marie Curie Actions, are aimed at the development and transfer of research competencies, the consolidation and widening of researchers' career prospects, and the promotion of excellence in European research. Activities are opened for all fields of scientific and technological research that could contribute to the strategic objectives of the EU research and development.

Individual fellowships are opened for participation of researchers from the third countries (Marie Curie Incoming and Outgoing Fellowships). Also, when acting as hosts for fellows, institutions from EU can receive researchers regardless of the country they come from.
Marie Curie fellowships are grants which cover the cost of travelling to and living in another country to become a part of a research team. Applicants choose the subject of their research themselves.

Other Marie Curie activities, such as Marie Curie Research Training Networks, or Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses are also opened for participation of researchers from the third countries, including BiH.

Detailed information concerning fellowships and other Marie Curie activities are available at:

Concerning calls for applications (vacancies), visit: