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New calls for open access to JRC scientific laboratories and facilities

the JRC has opened four calls to access JRC scientific laboratories and facilities in the fields of:

Safety and Security of Buildings (Call closing 31 January 2018)
  • The Hopkinson Bar Facility (HopLab), European Laboratory for Structural Assessment
Energy Storage (Calls closing 20 January 2018)
  • Battery Energy Storage Testing for Safe Electric Transport (BESTEST)
  • Fuel cells electrolyser testing facilities (FCTEST)
  • Gas Tank Testing Facility (GasTef)

The call is addressed to external users from academia and research organisations, industry, SMEs, and more in general from the private and public sectors.

You will find all relevant information here:

Conditions and criteria for access

The JRC offers access to its non-nuclear facilities to researchers and scientists from EU Member States, candidate countries and countries associated to the EU Research Programme Horizon 2020.

There current calls are on the relevance-driven access mode, which is based on the scientific and socio-economic relevance of the proposed project and involves a peer-review selection process following a call for proposals. This type of access is mainly targeted at universities, research institution and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in areas linked to the strategic priorities of the JRC and EU priorities linked to standardisation, integration and cohesion, sustainable growth and competitiveness. Under this type of access, users are only required to cover any additional costs sustained by the JRC.

Please share this information with your colleagues and your networks, so as to make this initiative a success. In addition, we would also ask you when contacting interested parties and stakeholders to collect their feedback. This would be particularly important in those cases where prospective applicants may not forward proposals due to the access costs, difficulties in funding travel and subsistence of users to come to the JRC, Intellectual Property rights, or any other conditions of our Framework of Open Access.

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