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Third Open Call for Experiments of the ORCA project

We are pleased to announce the Third Open Call for Experiments of the ORCA project! We would be really grateful if you could share this information with your network, among researchers, SMEs and universities.

The ORCA project ( is a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) under the European Horizon 2020 Programme addressing the work programme topic 'Future Connectivity Systems'. The project started in January 2017 and will run until end of June 2020.

ORCA offers experimentation facilities to promote wireless innovation especially focusing on SDR. The ultimate goal of the ORCA project is to enable wireless experimenters to unlock the potential of reconfigurable radio technology. More information on the ORCA project can be found on the project website and in the ORCA project overview video through this link.

This 3rd OC EXP call solicits for Experiments for rapid validation of innovative software defined radio (SDR) solutions using the facilities, SDR hardware platforms and software toolsets supported by the ORCA Consortium.

The basic call information is given hereafter:

  • Project: ORCA - Orchestration and Reconfiguration Control Architecture
  • Project number: 732174
  • Call identifier: ORCA-OC3-EXP
  • Call title: Third ORCA Open Call for Experiments
  • Submission deadline: Friday the 30th August 2019, at 17:00 Brussels local time
  • Feasibility and relevance check deadline: Sunday the 25th August 2019, at 17:00 Brussels local time

For the feasibility and relevance check, the proposing party must submit its draft proposal (at least sections A, B and C needs to be fully completed) to the Patron using the ORCA submission portal. The feedback will be provided by the Patron at the latest by Friday the 30th of August 2019 at 17:00, and must be copied into section D of the proposal template before final submission.

Financial information:

  • Total budget for Open Call 2 for Experiments: 350 000 €
  • Maximum budget per Experiment: 50 000 €
  • Expected number of Experiments to be funded: 7 (3 for the category Scientific Excellence and 4 for the category Industry)
  • Guaranteed support: 28 000 € (An extra budget of typically € 4000 per Experiment will be allocated to the ORCA consortium partner acting as Patron for guaranteed support)

Detailed call information (call document & proposal template) can be found at this link on the ORCA project website (and in the attached document).

Any question related to this Open Call or the ORCA project in general can be addressed to or to Ingrid Moerman from imec, coordinator of the ORCA project (email:

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