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MORE4 study - Support data collection and analysis concerning mobility patterns and career paths of researchers

MORE4 study

DG Research and Innovation has commissioned PPMI (Lithuania), in consortium with IDEA Consult (Belgium) and WIFO (Austria), to carry out the MORE4 study on data collection and analysis concerning mobility patterns and career paths of researchers.

This is an important piece of work aimed at collecting information on the working conditions, remuneration packages, international mobility and career perspectives of researchers at European universities and research institutes. The results of the study should help the Commission develop, together with national authorities, a set of policies to make research careers more attractive and will also allow comparison of the adequacy of the Commission’s funding rates for researchers. The study foresees a web-based survey on mobility and working conditions. This survey is implemented by IDEA Consult and it is therefore important that IDEA Consult can collect information from individual researchers working outside Europe. We hope they will receive the full support of the addressed research community when seeking to compile their evidence base.

You may be contacted by IDEA Consult in the context of this survey.

Responses to the survey will be treated confidentially by the contractors and processed in compliance with Regulation (2018)1725on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data Protection. The data will not be evaluated at the level of individual researchers or universities but used only for the construction of aggregated or country specific indicators.

You find the survey under the following link:

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